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Review: MUA The Artiste Collection Multi-Use Palette

When I first started using Makeup, I didn't really have a favourite brand, but as I started my Youtube Channel and got drawn more into the world of Makeup and different types of makeup, I started exploring the different makeup brands. Then I discovered MUA, baring in mind that this particular brand had been around for quite a while now.

So today I'm going to be reviewing the Artiste Collection Multi-Use Palette that MUA released in September 2012. This Palette contains 6 Marble-style eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, a Bronzer and a Highlighter, each with their own individual name.

The Eyeshadows


This is what the Pistachio eyeshadow looks like in the palette

The first marble eyeshadow in palette is called Pistachio and is white in colour with little flecks of a teal or turqouise kind of colour. When swirled together the colour becomes pearlescent. So if you swatch the colour on your hand like in the following photo, the colour will start off white and as you turn your hand the colour will turn a paleish blue. The eyeshadow has a slight shimmer to it and can be used as an all over the lid colour, or as a high light.

A Swatch of the Pistachio eyeshadow


The second eyeshadow is called Mocca and is a cream colour with flecks of a deep plum-like purple.This is a great all over the lid colour and is shimmer as all the eyshadows in the palette are. It can be used on its own or blended with one of the other five shades.

This is what the Mocca eyeshadow looks like in the palette

This particular eyeshadow looks great as a highlight on the inner corner of the eye, as it really makes the eye look more awake and brighter. Again like all the eyeshadows in the palette it has a pearlescent effect and when swatched it looks like a failry skintoned kind of colour, but as you moved your hand you can see the hints of purple.

This is what the eyeshadow looks like when swatched

The Ice eyeshadow is a dark Blue colour with flecks of light blue. This colour makes a great outer corner and crease colour. It also makes a good liner colour as well.

This is what the eyeshadow looks like in the palette

Ice particularly looks great when used with pistachio as they both compliment each other very well. Even though the eyeshadows are shimmery, they don't give the effect of being really 'in your face' when applied to the eye. Like the other eyeshadows they give a perlescent effect and look great on their own or with another colour. When swatched the colour seems to be very sheer, but as with all MUA products they are very pigmented and very buildable.

This is what Ice looks like when swatched


Grape eyeshadow in the palette

Grape Eyeshadow is a purple eyeshadow with flecks of light blue and is a really great all over the lid, or outer corner colour. As with all the colours this eyeshadow has a slight shimmer to it and gives a really nice pearlescent effect when applied to the eyelid. With these eyeshadows you can use an eye primer or you can just use them as they are. I would recommend using an eye primer, becauce even though they are pigmented, the eye primer will give them that extra boost and give them a more vibrant look. An eyeshadow with this look would give make the purple more vibrant and show the blue undertone alittle more. 

Chocolate Eye shadow in the Palette

Again the Chocolate eyeshadow looks sheer when swatched but when applied on the eyelid the colour is amazing


The Last eyeshadow in the palette is colled cookie. This eyeshadow is a really nice brown colour with flecks of pink. All these eyehadows are amazing and they all have a really great colour pay off. I've been a big fan of MUA for a while now and I love their products. These eyeshadows are proof that you don't need to spend a fortune to get a good quality product.

Cookie eyeshadow in the palette

Cookie eyeshadow swatched. This is proof of the amazing colour payoff that these eyeshadows have
Moving onto the Blushers, Bronzer and Highlighter. The blushers are really amazing quality, they give a nice wash of colour without being overly 'in your face'. Pink Sparkle is a pink blush and Primrose is more of a corally pink blush. They are both buildable and very pigmented, so you only need a small amount, unless you want to use a lot of blush.

The bronzer, named Bronzed is also very pigmented. Now I've never really been a fan of bronzer as they tend to make me look orange. However this particular bronzer gives me a nice tanned look with out being too orange. It is very pigmented so again you'll only need to use a tiny amount, but it is great to use as a contour colour or to add a touch of a tan.

Shimmer Kiss is what the Highlighter is called. Its a shimmery pink colour and gives a really nice shine when applied to the cheek bones and to the inner corner of the eyes. Again it is very pigmented so you'll only need a small amount.

Pink Sparkle Blush in The Palette and Swatched (the first one in Both Pictures)

Primrose Blush, Bronzed Bronzer and Shimmer Kiss in the Palette and Swatched

All the products in this palette are really amazing and I highly recommend this to anyone, as it is great for those just starting with makeup. Another great MUA Product : )

All the Blushes and Bronzers Swatched (L-R_ Pink Sparkle, Primrose, Bronzed and Shimmer Kiss)

All the Eyeshadows Swatched Top (L-R): Pistachio, Mocca, Ice, Grape, Chocolate. Bottom: Cookie

All in all, I really like this palette. It's great for if you ever go travelling as you have all your eyeshadows, bronzer, highlighter and blushes in one place and your not carrying around a lot of separate products.

Stay Beautiful
Stay Awesome

Zoe :)

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